PSG/Barcelona: 4-0

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PSG was playing the most important game of the season so far against Barcelona for the first leg of the Champions League round of 16.

Words are missing to express what PSG fans all over the world must have felt while Paris was trashing Barca 4-0…

First Half

The game just started and the Parc des Princes is hot like a hot-dog. Paris is confident and presses high but Neymar is dangerous on his first touch, forcing Rabiot to cut him in half (yellow card for Le Duc).  The free kick falls into the wall, Paris quickly counter attacks but Ter Stegen is vigilant in front of Matuidi.

Di Maria crosses nicely on the far post but Cavani doesn’t handle it well. Paris suddenly accelerates and Matuidi ends up in the box and fires but Ter Stegen is there, the ball comes back to Rabiot, he takes his chance but it’s directly on the German goalkeeper!

Paris maintains a high pressure in the first quarter despise some effort from the Catalans to make Paris run after the ball. Umtiti tackles Draxler and offers a free-kick to Paris 20 meters away from the goal. Di Maria curls it perfectly with his magic left foot directly into the net (1-0, 18’)!!!

This has the effect to awake Barca and the Spaniards are now doing what they do best, keeping the ball and forcing PSG to run after it. Messi shots a free-kick directly into the wall following a foul from Meunier on Neymar. Neymar again, advancing too easily within Paris defense, delivers a lovely passes to Andre Gomes who loses his face-to-face against an inspired Kevin Trapp.

PSG is now playing counter-attacks. Di Maria opens up for Draxler who easily get rid of Sergio Roberto and shots in a tight angle forcing Ter Stegen to deviate the ball into a corner, while Cavani was expecting it alone in front of the box. On the corner, the ball floats in front of Ter Stegen’s goal but nobody can push it inside.

The game is now flowing from box to box: Marquinhos intercepts a laser pass from Busquets, Di Maria crosses to Cavani but it’s a bit long. Paris squad stays high on the field, Rabiot presses Messi, Verratti gets back the ball and brings it in front of the box, opens up on his right to Draxler who don’t miss the target with his right foot (2-0, 40’)!!!!

That was the perfect first half and the Parc des Princes is waiting for more.

Second Half

No substitution for either sides and the second half begins with Blaisou Matuidi who aggresses and gets the ball straight away, synonym of a PSG team who wants more from this game. Long free-kick, dangerous crosses one after the other, ‘Les Rouges et Bleus’ are on fire but no luck so far. Another chance follows with a precise cross from Matuidi but Cavani and Meunier get in the way of each other.

Barcelona finally gets back to his game of possession but quite far from the decision zone. The Parisians are the most dangerous on counter-attack and Draxler gives a good opportunity to Matuidi who misses his shot. A wonderful action follows for PSG, with Di Maria who ends up 25 meters away from the goals, he dribbles, he faints, he shots …… Amazing curly ball on the right side of Ter Stegen who can’t even touch it!!!! SUPER DI MARRRRRRRRRRIO (3-0, 55’).

It’s close to 4-0 on a cross from Kurzawa that Cavani slightly touches with the top of his foot but it’s wide by a few centimeters.

Both coaches play their cards: Rafinha enters in place of a transparent Gomes (59’), quickly followed by Lucas for Super Di Maria (61’) who leaves the pitch under a huge round of applaud. Lucas shines straight away on another counter attack but Rabiot misses his cross. PSG brazed the Parc des Princes and Messi attempts to cool down the furnace but his run is stopped superbly by Presnel Kimpembe who proves to Unai Emery that he was right to bet on him.

Paris fan shivers when an injured Verratti leaves the field in place of Nkunku (70’). But again it’s finally PSG who is going to hammer down Barca: following a sequence ‘by the book’, Meunier finds Cavani in the box who fires a shot from his right foot and scores (4-0, 72’)!

The score looks unreal and Barcelona is trying to push in the final 15 minutes. Messi opens up to Jordi Alba who crosses for Neymar but the volley is wide! Trapp is solid and easily gets a high ball. PSG messes up a few easy passes in the back and Kurzawa concedes a corner kick on which Umtiti hits the post with a header with Kurzawa in his way!

PSG is mainly defending in the last minutes and players are tired, so Emery lets Pastore enters the pitch in place of Draxler. The Argentinian genius delivers a nice heel kick to Kurzawa but his cross is intercepted by Ter Stegen. Barcelona doesn’t push that hard strangely, but Rabiot concedes another free kick in the 25 meters after he stopped Neymar irregularly. Like a symbol, Neymar shots a drop in the air, 10 meters wide of Trapp’s goal. The Spaniards will shout for a late penalty but the referee correctly decides that Marquinhos didn’t touch the ball with his hand voluntarily.

Un prophete

The game is over and Paris delivered one of the best game of its history in a European cup despise a lot of skepticism before the game. Some PSG fans themselves wouldn’t have dreamt of such a result, except Nutweed from PSG Insiders 😉 Un prophete!

Individually, we can’t forget to notice the fantastic game of our ‘Titis’ Kimpembe and Rabiot (21 years old each). Kimpembe was under the spot light after Thiago Silva lately withdraw from the game and he answered beautifully on the pitch, erasing “Ballon d’Or” Lionel Messi during an action he won’t forget easily.

El Fideo Super Di Mario is back on top of his form at the best moment and Unai Emery did well by letting him start the game (huge coaching overall by the way). Draxler continues to shine and Cavani didn’t miss the chance to add one more point to his terrific statistics lately, the most prolific goal scorer around… Who is Suarez?

Now let’s be careful: the Catalans must enraged after their pale display tonight so the game in Camp Nou is going to be tough.

But whatever happens there, we can say that tonight PSG sent a massive message to the soccer planet.